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What is vatSys?

vatSys is an ATC client for the VATSIM network that was designed from the ground up to emulate many of the advanced functions of a modern air traffic control system. vatSys has all the features needed to provide “top down” air traffic control on plus specific features to cater for more specialised roles. Almost every required action can be done with a simple three button mouse, no more needing to learn keyboard commands!

Will it run on my PC?

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8.1 and later
DirectX DirectX 11.2 and later
Display Resolution 1024x768 or higher
Other .NET Framework 4.7.2 and later

Where do I load Sectorfiles?

The Sectorfile (.SCT) is dead. In order to cater for a whole host of new features, sectorfiles have been abandoned in favour of XML files that define everything from Maps to Radar Sites.

How do I get started?

You can download vatSys here. Then see Quick Start in documentation.

What do I do at the end of someones flight?

Once you have cleared the aircraft for an approach, the correct procedure is to keep the aircraft in your jurisdiction until it hits the ground. When it does, vatSys should automatically end the FDR. If for whatever reason it doesn’t, you can Finish the FDR in the tag, but you must have the tag assumed (in your jurisdiction) to do this.

Do I need Audio For VATSIM (AFV) standalone?

No, do not use the AFV standalone client with vatSys, Audio for VATSIM support is built in.

To configure your audio devices, see the Voice Switching and Control System documentation.

How do I find who last called or has a hot mic?

The Messages -> Request Supervisor tool shows the Last Transmit callsign.